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I am an interdisciplinary artist-teacher-researcher living and working in Toronto. Diverse interests and motivations, which include completion of an MFA at OCADU in April 2019, researching post-humanist philosophies, reading about quantum physics, and artificial intelligence, and the scholarship of teaching and learning, keep my art practice current and evolving. My work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows, and featured in a film, and on a book cover. Collectors include The University of Toronto’s Dean of Art, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan, Newport Partners Financial, as well as private clients in Toronto, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg and Australia. As a finalist for the 2017 Kingston Art Prize in Canada, my work toured In Gananoque, Peel Art Gallery and at Harbourfront Centre.



All my work is more or less about the same thing. The questions  that keep me up at night –why are humans and other species obsessed with beauty and outer appearance? is human consciousness beautiful? is quantum mechanics – material entanglement beautiful? in the context of the universe, is there beauty at the atomic and subatomic levels? more importantly for me – what lies beneath or beyond outer appearances? what are the assumed realities? what are the alternate realities? what are the possibilities for revealing, analyzing, understanding by interacting with materials to make some sense of the world and my own experiences in it? This is the art practice, I take in the world, visually, conceptually, physically, psychologically. I see, feel, think, read, reflect – spin, diverge, and converge until I make something. Something that is never quite there, quite right, finished. That is as good as it gets.

recent work

Research interests are always fluid for me. The phenomenology of colour and light and reinterpreting waste is the focus of recent work. Past explorations include human sexuality, and relationships between organic and inorganic bodies; layering and enfolding themes of sexual identity, the body, materials and colour as a way to evoke questions of what it means to be a human in the universe at this time. The evocative qualities of light emitting fluorescent plexiglass were considered as a material body alongside the material human body to negotiate the meaning of relationships between all bodies, human and non-human.

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